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New Minority is a new breed of think-tank. We call it the activated think-tank: while there’s lots of pondering and discussion, we also consider our members responsible for helping spread their ideas and ideals. Every member is not simply responsible for the periodic contribution, but is responsible for actively promulgating his or her favourite notions, contributing to the dialogue both within and without New Minority, and recruiting new members to join the discussion. Working in this manner, it’s our hope to make positive change around the world.

“New minority” isn’t about a ‘minority’ in the classical sense. We’re interested in the new minorities that are appearing as the world globalises – not so much in opposition to the idea of globalism, but as a function thereof. What we’re not interested in is a bigoted worldview. Globalisation insists upon a new frame of reference, taking into account that our membership in the human race is every bit as important as any other groups we might claim to be a part of. We enthusiastically recognise and approve of growing global diversity, and consider this a key component of the globalised world and thus one of several basic points our groups are committed to (for the others, check out the Baselines section, above).


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